Managing your team is key to success. That does mean micro-managing them, but merely is the re-enforcement of the common vision, cross checking to the strategic plan, and removing the roadblocks that may be interfering with their success. Many of today’s leaders believe they must micro manage their team. That quickly tells the team that you do not trust them or their skill sets. It eventually removes the ownership of accomplishing the plan from the team to the leader. Team members begin to become less driven to accomplish goals and feel that any accomplishments will be minimized or second-guessed by the manager. So why do managers micro manage? If you read textbooks, they will tell you that it is their own insecurities or their belief that they are more skilled or talented then their team. If that is true, these leaders should not be in a leadership role. There may be people who have unique talents or skills in distinct areas but few people are so ingenious that their knowledge surpasses a team of skilled people.
A true leader is a visionary that polls their team for unique strategic plans. A leader is not more intelligent or driven than his/her subordinates but respects the team and seeks out ideas that will make the team successful. Micro managing is a disease to the engaged workforce and sustainability of the mission. Be a leader and embrace the team’s ideas. It is acceptable to hold the team accountable to deadlines but be willing to remove roadblocks and celebrate success. Recognize the team’s abilities and enhance them with vision and support.