Frank Rzeznikiewicz is a seasoned professional in the manufacturing industry.  Frank is well known as an efficiency expert and leader. Frank is compassionate and empowering leader who is experienced in managing Profit and Loss Operations.  Frank has led several “Start Up” companies to extreme success as he employs his technical expertise with the ability to engage, empower, and mentor the workforce to new levels of performance.

He possesses the ability to create a market, change a culture, create a vision and then follow through with a strategic plan that executes.  Frank can relate to all levels of the organization as his career brought him through the entire spectrum of responsibilities.  He has experience in manufacturing operations, procurement, engineering, assembly and test operations, quality, international quality and the management of a P&L.  Frank’s background also includes commodity expertise in forgings, castings, additive and subtractive manufacturing, and assembly line creations.  He is compassionate with every person in organizations and assures that they have a career path to both progressive and alternate careers.  His results in productivity improvement, quality control and enhancement, process control, and lean manufacturing techniques are recognized throughout the industry.  Frank has led companies to advanced Quality standards by attaining ISO 9001, ISO 13485, and AS9100 certifications.  Frank also believes that everyone has the right to return home in the condition they came to work.  He is passionate for employee safety and boosts one of the best safety records in the industry.

Frank proposes that there is a workplace hierarchy that demands safety and environmental protection must be at the forefront to provide an organization with any sustainable results.

“Employees have the right to come to a place of employment and be safe. Safety should never be a consideration of cost or productivity. If employees need to consider the safety factor while performing tasks we are providing a disservice to both the business and the employee. As employees become engulfed into a safe environment, they become more productive and appreciative of the workplace they are engaged. We also make employees environmentally responsible in all aspects of their world when we teach them the best practices within the workplace. A sound business teaches employees how to take ownership of their workplace by considering their actions regarding the environment. That responsibility and education flows into every aspect of their lives and they become better citizens in their corporate lives and in society. What we teach in the workplace makes better citizens of the person.” Following those safety needs, an organization needs to assure compliance and quality assurance. This includes ethics and ethical decision making.  His followers know that ethical decisions are mandatory to a successful organization and those organizations must make the correct decisions every minute of their workday.  With over twenty years’ experience in quality management and the establishment and execution of both domestic and international quality systems, Frank believes that customers have the right to expect perfect quality and honest communications. “Quality is intrinsically more than just the quality of products and processes. Quality reflects every part of the business. It encompasses all the business processes, products, processes, communications, and evolves into ethical decision making. As we focus on quality in every element of the business we gain a reputation that customers can always depend. Superior quality is not an easy venture and is nothing that is quickly attained. The entire business must focus on quality and assure that there is never a customer risk at any level of the organization. Communications must be accurate and complete. It is a premise of a sound business that can never be taken for granted and must always be reviewed for improvement. Continual review of the business practices and products for enhancement must occur regularly and we must continually refine our practices to assure customer delight. Every process can be standardized and controlled thereby assuring the customer is protected and reliant on everything we offer.”

At the top of his hierarchy is employee engagement.  He reaches out to all levels of the organization and believes that you must institute a “best in the industry” employee engagement initiative.  “Each employee must know that you honestly care about them and their careers.  If people do not have a defined career path, you must find a growth factor for them by providing variety in the workplace.”

Frank Rzeznikiewicz believes that no effective manager can be successful without a commitment to community and charity.  “We define ourselves by what we add value to in not only the workplace, but in the world.  If we do not add value in the entire spectrum, we are lacking”.  He is a leader that has a personal commitment to helping others in both the workplace and in society.