Building the business on a path to success is sometimes difficult if you do not understand the basics and fundamentals of desirable characteristics. A leader must understand what it takes to earn the trust of the organization and what is necessary to possess in your inner self to be successful. A leader must be ambitious and adaptable to ever-changing business conditions. Your ambition cannot wear on your self-control and you must keep emotions in check during stressful times. Leaders must use common sense and cross check their actions with their ethics and values at all times. There are always times when your business will stretch your patience because your ambition to be successful will take control. Keep emotions in check and realize if this was easy, anyone could do it. You are a leader because you are competitive and temporary setbacks are part of any business. Surely you want your business to run dull, boring and without drama but usually that in not the case. You must use your resourcefulness to create a team spirit to resolve problems and setbacks and continue to possess the integrity to make correct decisions. Have faith in yourself and organization to be successful and be sincere in all communications with your team. A successful leader is patient with situations and understands that people will model his/her behavior. Every decision you make must be done with confidence, sincerity and honesty. Lead with passion and not emotions.