The End of the Year is Here
Businesses will make serious decisions in the next few days. Some will decide whether to let their business run normally strive for the best outcomes, take small (not game changing) steps to improve and then finish the year using the same standard practices they have used during the entire year. Other businesses will look at the metrics for the year to date, change processes for short term results to manipulate the metrics, change their normal processing significantly for the end of year and manage the metrics. The first method of being “hands off” the metric management is the best way to lead an organization. If manipulation of the business to attain results is necessary, then the business is not adhering to standard processes or the processes are flawed and need improvement. One must take into account that year over year needs for improvements will not be documented nor will the numbers reflect the true business. Refrain from changing the business at the end of the year.
1. The true metrics will reveal strengths and weaknesses of your business
2. The results of this year will evaluate the success and weaknesses in your strategic plan
3. The shortcomings of the year will give direction to next year’s plan
4. The successes will give you opportunity to celebrate and realize your strengths
5. The year end results will reveal where your talent deficits are in your organization