If you have not created a vision that is the result of an engaged workforce and one that the population does not understand and embrace, substantial changes will only occur temporarily and will not sustain. The absolute worse position that a business can be experiencing is stagnation. Change is good. Organic growth reflect the lack of a competitive and forward thinking leadership team. A business must always look to another step change to increase its competitiveness and fend off competition. There are so many businesses that “copy cat” other business models that you must continue to re-invent yourself. Leaders must continue to benchmark and analyze their business model. Create a different vision that has long term and short term strategies. Contingency plans are necessary for all step change initiatives as they fend off high risk adventures. Plan and re-plan for failure. If your changes fail, you will have a contingency in place and you can quickly adapt to it. Do not stagnate and be satisfied with organic growth. Competition may steal your market and your niche can disappear quickly. We all know of the business that we state, “Remember when they owned the market. What happened to them?” Stagnation probably occurred in all those businesses. Don’t change everything that made you successful but change your path to re-invent and expand your business vision and mission. It is difficult to catch up to a moving target and your competition will get frustrated.