There can never be a sustainable successful organization if is veiled in secrecy and mistrust. Employees have the right to work in an environment that does not but them on edge guessing, “What’s next?” That is old school management that has never succeeded for any length of time. Leaders owe employees the truth even if it is difficult. When confronted by employees, leaders must look square into the eyes and tell those people the honest answers. If you are not honest with your team, why should they excel at their activities? There are times when a leader cannot divulge the truth fully to an employee because of company strategies that need to be kept close to the vest. A true leader will tell the employee, “I can’t tell you now but when I can, I will”. Working for a company with executives that have a secret strategy and vision will never sustain any success. Besides the fact that employees will never trust them, they truly will not do what is necessary for the company to succeed. Be honest, ethical and treat employees, as you want to be treated. Finally, realize that karma is real and if you have a hidden agenda that hurts people, it will eventually come back and haunt you.