There are many times we can make an impact on a business, but there is always the question of motivation to the workforce. Before you can inspire people to excel, you must first understand your workforce. I have written extensively on understanding both the paradigm or the organization and the perspectives of employees. If you do not understand the workforce at every level, you cannot motivate and inspire them to strive to be the best. You must understand your organization, understand what makes them excel, and then put the plans in place to motivate them. This is not a short process and requires communication at all levels of the organization.
1. Understand that almost everyone can be motivated.
2. Shake off pre-judgment of employees. No one gets up in the morning wanting to do a bad job.
3. Recognize success
4. Reward success in some manner
5. Give the employees the “What’s in it for me?”
6. Communicate with employees. Share challenges, goals, visions, strategic plans. Get input.
7. Realize that people are your greatest asset.
8. Socialize at all levels. Employees are people. They have children who take gymnastics, play football etc. A short social relationship will open communications to new levels.
9. Protect your employees for safety hazards
10. Provide growth opportunities for employees.
11. Be genuine and honest with employees.
12. Be ethical in your management.
If you follow these elements, you will begin to get your employees support and create motivation for them.