Today’s world is looking for leaders. Not just leaders in politics but innovative leaders of companies. While most of us question our abilities, and ourselves we tend to overlook our capabilities and our expertise. Look deeply within yourself and see the inborn talents you have. Combine that view with your desire to succeed and a strong work ethic. You will become a leader. A leader is not a genius or someone that always has natural born talents. They are people who choose to step out of their comfort zone and accomplish the difficult tasks. Always understand other’s paradigms and perspectives. Respect those views and embrace the person. Then share your vision and describe your strategic plan. When you have many people sharing a vision and believe it is possible, your will become a leader. You will have taken the first steps in changing something and as your skill set as a leader grows, you can become as big as you desire. When you face conflict, embrace the ideas and search for ways to overcome them. It will make you stronger. When you face failure, embrace it and you will learn how to strengthen or adjust your plan. Failure, conflict, and challenges make you develop your leadership skills. Accomplish the unthinkable.