As we make every attempt to improve our leadership skill set, there is one path that always underlies real success. That path is one where leaders are compassionate to their employees, guarantee their safety and provide an environment that is based on ethical behavior. At all costs we must be compassionate to our team’s needs and provide for their utmost safety. Leaders must walk the path of their workers, understand their concerns and embrace their concerns. We have a social and moral responsibility to provide a workplace that is safe and ergonomic. If we do not address those safety needs, our team will become disengaged and less productive. Ignoring the productivity side of the equation, leaders have a moral responsibility to provide a caring environment for their teams. Employees and their families have the undeniable right for their loved ones to return home in the condition they came to a place of employment. The lack of compassion of this need will undermine anything else the workplace and leaders can provide. This expectation ties into the need for an ethical as it is only ethical to provide this environment to the team. Everything else a leader can provide is secondary. A leader must care for their team and walk the processes that employees are expected to execute. Ask questions, offer solutions and follow through on providing resolutions and your team will then provide the utmost for the company. Leaders who sit at desks and do not know the risks in the day to day activities of their employees will fail. Delegation of this activity is not as effective as a leader walking and talking the life we expect others to live.